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A friendly gang of artist here to Play ART Together and inspire each other and encourage each other and share with each other. All for FUN.

A Lesson on DVD for Sale

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Glazing is a compilation of 6 videos demonstrating my method of "Glazing" while painting, A Sun Angel. The videos were presented in my online E-course, A Diary of Faces. A small print is included with the DVD. For a larger print visit my Etsy shop.

Glazing DVD


includes shipping and handling.

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I'm here singing in the rain

We are getting a precious lot of rain here in Central Texas.
I don't believe I remember in all my days getting a constant daily flow of rain like this in my part of the world.
We are grateful and take it as it comes.
However, our prayers are with those who are lost and have lost property.

In the meantime, I have almost finished a Garden Palace project that I am so excited about. 

My table project is almost finished.
It came to me in parts so getting the legs bolted onto the top Sunday gave me the most joyous feeling. 

When I received the table, the veener was all peeled off. 
All that remained was little bits still stuck with the veener glue. 

Before attaching the legs, I painted them with chalk paint and used a dark wax. 
I am painting the top and will share again when I finish. 
I must say I do like it just as it is but I'm sticking with my original plan to paint it. 
I'm sure I will like that too.

Parting Shot

And here is a parting shot through the glass of the back door.
I just love these reflections of the trees on the wall and the wildflowers around the rug. 


A Diary of Faces in 2 parts ...Price Now $35.00 each part.


Part 1


A video and audio workshop recorded diary style.

Part 1 includes the first 9 weeks of A Diary of Faces.



Price Now $35.00

For more class description and information about the Inspiration, Vision, Who this e-course is for and FAQs, please visit my blog page "Online Workshops".


Specifically: Part 1 includes weeks 1 through week 9 from the original class, A Diary of Faces. Post are in the form of video, audio, PDFs, photos and or narrative.

Access to the and all classes will end July 31, 2015

The Cost is $75.00 now $35.00

Part 1.





 Week 10 through 18 of A Diary of Faces is now presented IN FULL. 


Price Now $35.00.

Access to this and all classes will end July 31, 2015.

For more class description and information about the Inspiration, Vision, Who this e-course is for and FAQs, please visit my blog page "Online Workshops".


Specifically: Part 2 includes weeks 10 through week 18 from the original class, A Diary of Faces.  Posts are in the form of video, audio, PDFs, photos and or narrative.  This is 9 weeks of content with over 11 hours of video.

Access for this and all classes will end July 31, 2015.

The Cost is $75.00 now $35.00.

Part 2.


 $75.00 now $35.00.

Faces: All Norah'S...Price Now $32.00

Bringing back my first online class from 2010. 

FACES: All Norah'S

"a workshop just about faces with a few other fun things" 

Price Now $32.00


This workshop is about Norah'S Faces.

It is about painting faces in many mediums.

Also includes making a background, gel transfers and lots more. 

There is a bonus video about layering and applying napkins to your art.

Access to this and all classes will end July 31, 2015

The Cost is $65.00 now $32.00.


FACES IN COLLAGE...Price Now $32.00

Cost: $ 68..00 Now $32.00

I continue to be obsessed with faces and painting faces and now, I have added collage to the mix.

This is a mixed media workshop about painting collaged faces and discovering that the collage images inspire the story. It could be a story that you have no idea you are going to paint. When that happens, the thrill is huge and that is what I hope to share.

Additionally, I want to share with you how I got comfortable with all the collage fodder and where I look for more and how I organize it.

Most of all this is about painting collaged faces.  I demonstrate using metallic paints for flesh as well as other paint media.

The class is full of videos demonstrating my painting techniques from start to finish; it is all there.

The supply list is short and is available on the main page in the classroom


Price Now $32.00

 Access to this and all classes will end July 31, 2015


Inktense™ Faces on Fabric
a face painting technique on fabric

Mini-course $40.00 Now $20.00
Painting Faces on Fabric with Intense™ Watercolor Pencils is a Mini E-Course. This is the Faces video portion of the "Tree Castle Apron" class.
The technique is fun, easy and involves no sewing.
All of the videos are in the classroom and ready for viewing.
Access to this and all classes will end July 31, 2015

Tree Castle Apron Class ......Price now $35.00

♥ ♥ ♥ Tree Castle Apron ♥ ♥ ♥
a mixed media face painting and fabric collage project
 This is a technique and project class


If you love painting faces, you will love discovering one more medium to paint with and one more substrate to paint on.

This is a technique and project class. I will share technique demonstrations from both my art studio and sewing studio. You will be able to follow along the videos and fun patterns to fashion a beautiful apron that you will want to wear it every time you are in your studio.

This project is all about function and beauty. When you wear it while creating, you will feel special and full of inspiration.



Artist Level: all levels interested in adding fabric to the mix 

Course Duration: On going


Course Fee: $75.00

Now $ 35.00

You will need a sewing machine; however, if you love hand stitching, you can probably adapt with your own style.

Access to this and all classes will end July 31, 2015

Faces in Technicolor.......Price Now $25.00

$ 55.00Faces In Technicolor.

Now $25.00.

This class is about painting faces with a wild and crazy palette of technicolors. In this class we will start with a blank white canvas, go on a model search, discuss the importance of values when painting faces, do an exercise to better see values, discuss the color wheel, go on a search for background inspiration and learn how to incorporate the colors in the background. I will demonstrate using a few Golden heavy body paints and mediums. However, you do not have to use the same brand or colors that I will be using.

Access to this and all classes will end July 31, 2015

Norah'S Faces in Darker Skintones ...Price Now $20.00

Price slashed to $20.00

This class is about painting darker skin tones with primarily Folk Art paints.

All Class Videos and lesson material is presented at the beginning of this class. 

Access to all classes will end July 31, 2015


$45.00 now $20.00 Norah'S  Faces in Darker Skintones



Hey Gang Take Note

ABOUT CLASS DURATION ...all classes will end on July 31, 2015. There will be not class access after that date. 

ABOUT REFUNDS...there will be none after the class start date.

ABOUT VIDEOS will not be able to download the videos.

ABOUT PLAYING THE VIDEOS "play" and then press "pause". watch the status bar to see when the video has fully loaded, then press "play" again. This should be especially helpful on a slower internet connection.

ABOUT COPYRIGHT ...all class videos, photos and class material is property of All Norah'S ART and may not be copied without written consent by me, Sharon Tomlinson



I am so excited that you are all here. We are going to have a great time
To take a workshop: First, sign up or sign in to my network. I will approve your membership request. Then, just scroll down and do the PayPal thing. After I receive your payment, you will receive an email invitation to the group for which you have paid. Follow the links in the email to the group.
Then We can Play ART Together!

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